There is no difference between those agitating for restructuring and northern youths that issued quit notice – Balarabe Musa

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– Balarabe Musa dismissed the call for restructuring among leaders of other regions

– He said there was no difference between them and northern youths that issued quit notice

– The issue of restructuring has dominated the country’s political spheres

The call for the restructuring of Nigeria has met with stiff resistance and condemnation from some northern leaders who described it as unnecessary.

Leaders from the south west, south east, south south and middle east met in Abuja to discuss how Nigeria can progress and they came out with the resolution of restructuring.

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Vanguard reports that Alhaji Balarabe Musa who served as governor of Kaduna State said there was no difference between agitating for restructuring and the northern youths that issued quit notice to Igbos.

He said: “I have already said enough on this, and I don’t want to waste my time talking on this again. How different are they from those rascally northern youths who gave the southerners the quit ultimatum? How different are they from them, so I don’t want to waste my time.”

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Also, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav a retired commissioner of Police from Benue State condemned the meeting of the leaders from the regions saying it seems they came together as if they want Biafra.

Tsav, a retired commissioner of Police from Benue State in the Middle Belt, on his part, dismissed the Southern and Middle Belt leaders as opportunists.

He said: “They are opportunists because they are trying to create a situation that will benefit them. Their coming together seems as if they want to go into Biafra.

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“The ordinary man does not know the meaning of restructuring. It is the politicians who are pushing for it. When there is a government that favours them, they don’t do anything but when they are not getting anything they embark on the type of thing they are doing.

“I don’t agree with their demands. Some of these people are vying for the Presidency, and they feel they can get supporters from the South by supporting calls for restructuring.”

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Meanwhile, Northern elders dismissed the collaboration between leaders from the south-south, south-east, south-west and middle-belt region calling for restructuring describing it as unconstitutional.

The Punch reports that Tanko Yakasai who served as adviser on National Assembly Affairs to President Shehu Shagari lashed at the delegates asking them to take their case to the National Assembly.

He said: “None of them was elected by their people to speak on their behalf. To the extent that this country guarantees freedom of speech, they are entitled to their opinion.

“My quarrel with the people who are advocating this restructuring is that they failed to give the details of the restructuring. If Nigeria is restructured, every Nigerian will be affected. So it is incumbent upon anybody who is campaigning for this to spell it out so that Nigerians can look at it. But to just go about shouting slogans without giving the actual details is nonsensical.

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Watch a TV video below of Nigerians expressing their opinion about whether the country should split of adopt restructuring.

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