Help! S*x with My Brother’s Ex-Fiancee is Making Me Go Mad – Man Confesses

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I’m bedding my brother’s former fiancée. The s*x is out of this world but I know that he’ll hate me for it. I’m a guy of 24 and my brother is 26. He met his fiancée at uni. She’s his age.

She was stunning and smart and way out of my league. As it turned out, she was out of my brother’s league too as she dumped him for somebody else.

My brother was gutted and desperately hurt. For five years we were not allowed to mention her name in our house. I went to a party in May and it was a total surprise to see her there. I thought I should try to avoid her but she came straight up to me and hugged me like I was her long-lost best friend.

She looked just as stunning as ever and we were soon chatting and getting on great. She said she felt awful for hurting my brother like that but she had realised that things wouldn’t work out between them.

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She explained that she’d met someone else and had been swept off her feet. She said I could tell my big brother that the new guy had left her for somebody else.

I said I was sorry it hadn’t worked out. She asked how my brother was doing these days so I told her he was fine but that he was still single and living in town.

I thought she would ask for his number but instead she asked if we could be friends.

I had to say yes. She’s a beautiful, good-hearted girl and I knew she hated causing all that hurt. We started to hang out as mates, then she came back to my place one night and we ended up getting all friendly in bed.

The s*x was so good that I want to be with her for ever and she says the same, but I’m scared that my brother won’t ever speak to me again over it.

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