Igbos worship Nnamdi Kanu as if he is their saviour – Doyin Okupe blasts pro-Biafrans

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– Okupe notes that the Igbos opposed to the idea of Biafra are the migrants who reside far from home and would rather prefer a restructured Nigeria

– He says that Nnamdi Kanu had a cult-ish following among younger Igbos who are insanely committed to Biafra

– The former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan says that for these fanatical pro-Biafrans, only a sovereign state would be acceptable

Doyin Okupe, the former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, has said that majority of the Igbos who reside in the south east worship Nnamdi Kanu like a saviour.

He noted that for these Igbos, Biafra is in their heart, soul and body.

According to reports, Okupe claimed to have consulted widely across Nigeria in order to get the real mindset of Igbos.

Young Igbos worship Kanu like he's their savior - Doyin Okupe

Igbos kneeling in homage before Nnamdi Kanu

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He stated: “In the East, though the youth are in the forefront like in the North, the elders are also with and behind the position and expressed aspirations of the youths.

“Those who are opposed to the Biafra project are mainly the migrant Igbos, who are traders and businessmen, living and resident far from home; with heavy investments in their places of business and domicile. Many intellectuals and politicians are also in this group.

“For these sets of Igbos, a restructured Nigeria is a better, safer and more secure option.

“Nnamdi Kanu and the leadership of the IPOB have apparently taken over the southeast as the new and emerging conscience of the Igbos.

“They enjoy a new cultish support from the youthful population, who virtually worship them as their saviors.

“One outstanding feature of the group and their fanatical followers is the fact that they are intensely serious, committed, determined and focused on the Biafra project.

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“It will appear that no appeasement will be acceptable to them apart from a free Biafran state.

“Unfortunately they are completely dislocated and detached from the mainstream political elite class in the east and elsewhere in the country.

“Ironically, they are not the generation that the North holds in unforgiveness. They did not even fight nor were born in period of the civil war.

“They appear to me to care very little about the North or any other part of the country except perhaps their South-South neighbors. They do not know the North and the North does not know them.

“They are young but not naïve. War is not in their “planned route” to freedom; it will appear.”

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Meanwhile, NAIJ.com reported recently that former presidential aide Dr Doyin Okupe has lambasted the presidency for not taking the issue of Biafra seriously.

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Okupe accused the government of pushing the Igbo people to the wall by not treating them fairly in the scheme of things in Nigeria.

He also lashed at the presidency for not inviting the leadership of Indigenous People of Biafra in their recent consultation with leaders of thoughts from the south-east region.

Watch this NAIJ.com TV video of Nnamdi Kanu speaking about Biafra war

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