Top 3 electronics to turn your home to a smart home

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The kind of electronics you bring into your house can tell a lot about you and take your house from a regular boring old space to a trendy sanctuary you would be proud to call a home.

Technology these days just keep getting so much better that you would be surprised at the kind of amazing electronics available in the markets – there is basically something to do almost anything for you, whether it is just regular house chores, or stepping up your entertainment game.

Today we bring you the top 3 beautiful inventions that can turn your house into a smart home!

1. LG Smart TV

Top 3 electronics to turn your home to a smart home

This beautiful piece of genius is part of LG’s latest generation of exclusive, award-winning televisions that offer you a totally new viewing experience in the comfort of your home; they are easy to use with magic remote, magic mobile connection and magic zoom, plus simple setup.

The LG smart tv basically does everything your android smartphone can do! You can connect to a wifi, access your favorite apps, play games, surf the net, connect to Bluetooth devices, access Netflix and much more.

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2. Samsung Smart 3D Blu-ray & DVD player

Top 3 electronics to turn your home to a smart home

The Samsung smart DVD player does more than just let you play DVDs, it has some really cool features that you will totally enjoy; this smart DVD player lets you connect to Wifi and share pictures or pictures to other compatible devices using the Allshare feature, it also helps you stay connected on your social networks, watch movies and all your favorite shows on demand and converts your favorite songs to mp3 so you can have them on your mp3 players using the CD ripping feature.

3. The LG Homechat Hub

Top 3 electronics to turn your home to a smart home

This brilliant invention is a general controller for all your smart home appliances from LG; it gives you the power to control the appliances in your home by simply sending messages to them on your Homechat hub using an accompanying app. Running your home becomes much easier using this technology, you can turn on your oven, control your washing machine, control your vacuum cleaner and even troubleshoot your appliances, all with the push of buttons! The possibilities are endless really.

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Do you already have any of these smart technologies in your home? Is there one you would like to try out? Let us know in the comment section.

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