How to enjoy your weekend in Nigeria

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Many people look forward to the weekend. That is the reason you see a lot of “TGIF” messages, sometimes even starting from Thursday evening.

The two days and a few hours that starts on Friday evening and ends on Sunday night are the most precious time some people have.

In fact, it is what keeps them going through the entire week. But some just go through the motion. Even though they look forward to it they don’t get the spark from it like they want to.

Here are some tips on how to get the best of your weekend.

Don’t bring work home

First of all don’t shift too many work related assignments to the weekend. It only clogs your weekend and induces undue anxiety. So no matter how difficult it may be, try to finish your work in the office and leave the weekend for other matters.

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Never miss an Owambe. It is not about crashing parties. But if you are a Nigerian, you’d most likely get at least one invite per weekend to an Owambe. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend of a friend. Apart from the jollof rice, Amala, Tuwo and other side cuisines, there are sights to see, beats to dance to, jokes to laugh at and friends to meet. An Owambe party a weekend makes the week memorable. Don’t over do it though, so you won’t add to your stress. Sometimes if the venue is too far, it is not worth it, plus there are always Owambes nearby.

Exercise. No beef for professional trainers but you don’t need the gym to exercise on weekends, especially if you have an Owambe lined up. There is no way you won’t dance. Break a sweat. No Owambe? No problem. You’ll go to church on Sunday. The dance there counts too. If you have a car, wash it at home. It also counts especially if you have to get water one bucket after the other. It also helps you bond with your family/neighbours. You also get to catch up on the latest gist in the area.

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Limit TV. Except you have a group of friends/family around, watch only a few programmes dear to you. Football matches are best watched with buddies. And so are many other programmes on TV. Check out stuff on the big screen too.

(Board) Games are not for jobless people. You drive by that tree every time and you secretly envy the guys playing draught or Opon ayo while sipping palm wine or other drinks under the tree. Join them for a few minutes or even an hour.

Sleep early. You can afford to do that. You don’t have to rush to work tomorrow. It is Sunday. Two things though, you can go to worship (Nigerians don’t joke with God) and sleep later. Or sleep till very late and go to worship later.

If you are a Christian, a traditional Sunday starts with “gospel songs”. If you don’t have a collection, just open your windows, your neighbours are playing theirs , or just go to any radio station. It gradually turns to secular songs as the day moves along.

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Usually, there are no Owambes on Sunday (except it is a naming ceremony). So comes the time to iron clothes for work on Monday while you keep an eye on TV.


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