Seven things that shorten your computer’s lifespan

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Computers, like other devices, have a short lifespan. Your computer gets noisier, slows down, and shows error messages, which are signs that something is wrong with your computer. This problem occurs when certain things happen to your computer. In line with this, here are seven things to avoid if you want your computer to last longer.

Power surges

Power surges may be because of lightning strikes or sudden restoration of power. This can be risky as it can damage your computer’s motherboard, lead to data loss and even your charger could explode. It is advisable you use a stabiliser.

 Battery drain

This is for those that allow their batteries to run out before they charge it. Just be prepared to buy another battery if you continue with this habit.

Limited ventilation

Your computer’s fan is not there for fun. And it is no gainsaying that heat is one of the major things that can harm your computer. This will make your system perform like a snail and your battery will quickly run out within minutes. As a rule of thumb, do not block the ventilation.

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Software updates

Running outdated software on your computer will automatically make it slower. This can make you angry that you hit it in a bid to let out your frustration. This can damage your PC. To make it faster, always keep software updated.

Loose cables

Searching and fixing loose cables is one of the easiest ways to make your computer durable. Properly place or fix any external cable that may affect your system. You can start with your charger.


Allowing dust to pile up on your computer will definitely affect its performance. Dust makes it prone to overheating as it can block the ventilation. When you notice any dust, use a blower to remove the dust.

Physical damage

If your fan is bad or your screen is cracked, you should fix it as soon as possible because if you do not, the damage can affect the overall performance of your system.

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